Terms of services

OnlyVpns is providing its services with the subject to following Terms of Service Agreement.
It applies to all the services currently offered by OnlyVpns and any services that might be included at a later date.
Please make sure you go through and agree with OnlyVpns terms of service before signing up.
You’ll be automatically held to this “Terms of Service” on signing up.
In addition to this, you are liable to comply with policies/operating rules applicable to the services offered by OnlyVpns,
as stated in any section of this website.

OnlyVpns reserves the right to update, modify, change or cancel this agreement without prior notice.
Any such changes on the website or offer of new services/plans will be effective upon posting on OnlyVpns.net.
Use of OnlyVpns services after such changes have taken effect constitutes acceptance of all changes.
The company reserves the right to revoke or cancel the member without notice in case of violation of this “Terms of Service Agreement”.

Acceptable use

On signing up every user receives an account which enables them to submit,
monitor progress, and view their account information. Users are responsible for all activities that happen under their account.
Users can’t transfer the access to this account to anyone,
because it is meant for one individual only and the password must not be shared under any condition.
OnlyVpns will not be liable for damage or loss arising from your failure to protect your username and password.

Prohibited use

Every user of this website or services must agree only to use it for lawful purposes.
Use of the site or services for retrieval,
distribution, storage, or transmission of any data, information,
or other material in violation of any regulation or applicable law is prohibited.
Prohibited use of services or website includes but not limited to.

Violating laws, rules, and regulations governing export/transmission of technical data from your country,
Send or post any misleading or fraudulent offers of items, products, loans, or other services
Using material protected by trade secret, trademark, patent, copyright or other intellectual property right without authorization.

Termination of service

We reserve the right to terminate the service of a OnlyVpns client without prior notice for any reason.
In the event of termination, the links to Third-Party Sites, Limitation of Liability, Indemnity, General Disclaimer, Proprietary Rights, Prohibited Uses, and General Terms Sections outlined in this Term of Service shall still survive.

Full Disclosure:
This website contains affiliate links.
If you use them we will receive a commission at no additional cost to you.

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